Working title

The last thing I’d thought up for this novel was a proper title. It’s not something I’d ever considered through the whole editing process.

The working title was so horrifically Pseud’s Corner because of the source material; it was never going to stick. I vaguely decided whatever the actual title would be had to be snappy. Not for me The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-time. On the other hand, not a one-word title either because I’m a bit worried I’ll be held up against works with a similar theme. So I thought I’d plump for a three word job, in the form of something like ‘The $adjective $noun’.

(See, if it works for Robert Jordan or George RR Martin, it’s fine by me.)

I just wasn’t coming up with anything good. My dear husband made a few suggestions over dim sum one evening-

Him: Something about selkies would be good.

Me: Indeed.

Him: What about ‘Selkie Moon’?

Me: …

Him: What’s wrong with that?

Me: *sigh*


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