Post-WorldCon placeholder post

I am still alive. I have survived five days in the broken capslock citadel known as ‘ExCeL’. I dispensed business cards, bought only a couple of books, lived on coffee, Berocca and overpriced junk food and generally had a great time. My notepad overfloweth with incoherent notes on urban fantasy and YA literature. I have 77 notifications on social meeja. Excellent.

This is my second day back in Edinburgh, and instead of using this precious time to recover from the dreaded ‘conflu’ I’m seeing more Fringe shows like a massive culture addict. Plenty of free entertainment abounds though. Take, for instance, the conversation at the bus stop the other day…

Her: It’s just so selfish, only eating vegetables!
Him: It’s not a big problem. There’s more meat for you when we go out for dinner!
Her: Being a vegetarian isn’t funny! It’s so problematic.
Him: Hey, this would make a really good short story, wouldn’t it?

This was roughly my face:

Judd Nelson's withering stare is the answer to everything.

Judd Nelson’s withering stare is the answer to everything.

Ah well, I’ll file that under ‘short stories I won’t get around to writing’. And now, off to see Elaine C Smith in a play about Scottish politics and Celtic mythological creatures, which in no way combines two great interests of mine. Ahem.


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