Stories of Home

I think it’s time to properly announce this, before I dive back into this year’s confused jumble of words that is NaNoWriMo. *clears throat*

Back in June, I submitted a story for the Scottish Book Trust’s Stories of Home project. Every year, a book is given out as part of Book Week at the end of November, and it struck me as a nice way to shake the ‘unpublished writer’ status. I’d just moved back to Edinburgh, so you can probably imagine how personal the story was.

Well, you don’t have to imagine, because a few months ago I got a lovely email telling me my story was chosen as one of the 37 in the book. To put this into context, the Book Trust received over 500 entries this year. And here it is in the finished product, which you’ll be able to snag from libraries, bookshops, schools, prisons and hospitals all over Scotland during Book Week:

That's me, that is.

That’s me, that is.

They even threw us a party last week. There was music, a magician, and all the mini steak pies my dear husband could scoff. Oh, and that there Vic Galloway off the radio read out his story along with several other authors with their funny, tear-jerking and inspiring pieces. Everyone I chatted to was so lovely, especially the Scottish Book Trust crew. I managed to get some shameless self-promotion in for the novel, and explained what urban fantasy was to the proud mum of one of the younger winners. (The girl’s jaw dropped when I mentioned I’d met Anthony Horowitz too. I mean, when you’re moving in such rarefied circles as I do &c &c)

Oh, and then the most surreal thing happened. Someone ran up, asking if I had a story in the book. ‘Sign it for me! I want all the authors to sign their stories!’ So I did my first autograph. Boggle. And we all had nice professional pictures taken which will no doubt find their way online at some point. I’m still trying to take it all in. I went to a book launch; I signed my words; I’ve done a publicity picture. If the universe could just keep up this amazing run of good luck with the other writing I’m working on, that would be fantastic…

Edit: The book is now available in audio and ebook form, now BWS has begun. Take a look over at the Book Trust!


4 thoughts on “Stories of Home

    • Ooh, I like the sound of that! I’m really looking forward to the local events. Well, that and strolling casually into my local library to look at the book I’m in 😉


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