Stories of Home: Another shameless plug

Today marks the beginning of Book Week Scotland.

There’s a metric ton of things to do all throughout Scotland, and I’ll be popping along to some of the Edinburgh events due to being phenomenally ahead of schedule on NaNoWriMo (4500 words left!). I haven’t made an official pledge for the week, but I will probably be finishing Point Blanc by Anthony Horowitz and getting into Whom Dykes Divide by Helen Crummy, an excellent bit of local history.

You’ll find copies of Stories of Home in your local library, so do pick one up. All the stories are fantastic. Especially mine. Ahem. And now many of the stories are available in handy audio format, if you’re geographically disadvantaged and can’t get a hard copy. I’m track 41, read out by the dulcet tones of a nice old lady. Lovely. Anyway, here’s a mandatory book selfie, featuring the new ‘I can’t decide what colour my hair should be but I’m freelance so professional is a flexible term’ look:

Get a copy, or the Moogle behind me gets it.

Get a copy, or the Moogle behind me gets it.

5 thoughts on “Stories of Home: Another shameless plug

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