Number crunching

This is something of a placeholder today. I’ve got a longer post about the joys of Book Week just past, and Retro Corner is postponed while I spend the weekend with the in-laws. To comfort myself in the face of impending ‘so, what’s the novel about?’ queries, I’ve been adding up the amount of stuff I’ve written over the past year. It’s more than I thought.

I try to write every day. It doesn’t always happen, but even if I only write 500 words or so, that’s 500 more than nowt. Anyway, from November last year till now, I’ve managed:

2472 words of miscellaneous snippets, warm-ups, short ideas and the like.

1286 words of free writing. Wish I hadn’t gone back and read them. That stuff’s raw.

5302 words of short fiction, including the 50 word stories, a short under consideration for the radio, and some spinoffs with my motley characters.

3298 words of character interviews. Blimey, they don’t half rabbit on.

2881 words of something that might be a novella with my main character. Ooh.

15048 words so not safe for anything, let alone work. Well, you have to let off steam somehow, yes?

68963 words of the first novel, The Silent Storm. Look at it, all shiny and polished.

68471 words of its sequel, working title The Blood Sun. There wasn’t meant to be another book, and then I took the laptop home last Christmas and accidentally 14000 words. There were unanswered questions, alright?

25000 words of oh you have to be kidding me there might be a third book. *sigh*

50205 words of this year’s NaNoWriMo effort. It might even get an edit at some point.

All that leaves a grand total of *drumroll* 242926 words. Bloody hell, that’s like a thesis. A fictional, adverb-riddled thesis. I’d award myself a celebratory drink for writing so much but I’m in the throes of a cold and so it might have to be Lemsip. Well, here’s to more words when I get back from Sussex. (Might sneak the tablet into our hotel room for some furtive writing, though.)

Numbers don’t make for an exciting post, so you can have one of my idle doodles I made on the aforementioned fondleslab. Here’s Cavan looking awfully pleased with himself as usual. Really, someone should take my stylus away before I draw the lot of them…

Look at that lovely hair. Because he's worth it.

Look at that lovely hair. Because he’s worth it.


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