Retro Corner 4: Oh, the humanity

It’s time for another one of these, methinks. I’ve done almost all my Christmas cards, the day job draws to a close and the all-important edits are over. And on that note, more of my parents’ dubious vinyl, back by slightly popular demand…

We’ll start with a genuinely good act to break us in gently- a spot of ABBA…

Well, this is awkward.

Well, this is awkward.

I can only imagine this was taken at the Difficult Divorce Period. Anni-Frid’s on the back, incidentally, having a nice snog. Which makes this even more awkward. Next up, a very local act…



Yeah, I don’t know either. On closer inspection, this LP is signed, so one of my parents had the pleasure of meeting these ‘celebs’. Juniper Green’s on the south side of Edinburgh. I like how candid this biography is, with the demo tape rejections and the lady’s voice breaking (do ladies’ voices break? Hmm). And what a sheer bit of Pseud’s Corner with the producer: ‘They’re nice people to sit down and drink Puligny Montrachet with’. Do you know, I’ll bet anything that’s what the studio staff say about Ed Sheeran. Next!



If you haven’t seen Slade’s film, Flame, then what’s wrong with you? It’s an important Brummie slice of cultural history. Also, Noddy Holder gets locked in a coffin a la Screaming Lord Sutch. What’s not to like?

Tesco Value Bohemian Rhapsody.

Tesco Value Bohemian Rhapsody.

I mean, I couldn’t tell you what the plotline is, but it has a cracking soundtrack, and it has somewhat more coherence than the Monkees’ film Head. Which you should also watch, but preferably while intoxicated. And finally…



Ah yes. There was a rash of these budget compilations, often with soundalikes in the case of the Top of the Pops albums. And all the covers had dubious ladies, scantily clad because this is the 70s folks. (Somewhere in the parental collection, there’s even a few with free calendars included.) I have to say this one caught my eye for several reasons. One, you’ll never find another compilation with the theme from The Onedin Line alongside the theme from Shaft. And two, this rugby game just got a whole lot more Playboy.

I don't think that's a legal tackle, you know.

I don’t think that’s a legal tackle, you know.

I’m struggling to imagine how this sort of thing would get past any marketing suits these days. I’m also struggling to find any albums that don’t caricature the 70s as a haven of casual sexism, dubious racism and Jon Pertwee singing literary hits. I will try my best to up the ante for next time, though…


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