Panic stations

Well, Christmas is a week away (aargh) and I’ve finally finished an important step in the whole novel-writing process: actually clicking ‘send’ on an email. I know, I know, sounds lame, but trust me, it’s super-important and ever so slightly crucial to the whole publishing plan thing.

There will now follow at least one month of panicking, interspersed with drinking, attempting to make a full Christmas dinner, and more panicking.


Nothing can go wrong. SHUT UP, SELF-DOUBT.

On the plus side, the work-in-progress has swelled to 72,000 due to being the thing I’ve been using to de-stress, so that’s good. Everyone seems to be running around in a panic in it at the moment, though. I think people are even being killed. It’s almost as if I enjoy throwing perilous situations at characters.

And then rocks fell, and everyone died! There's another 10k words!

And then rocks fell, and everyone died! There’s another 10k words!

It’s a funny thing, though. Maybe it’s end of the year introspection, but it’s a good feeling to have NaNoWriMo-ed and had nearly three novels come out the other end in a year. One of which has actually been edited to not be crap. I hope. And tonight is the last local NaNo group meetup before Christmas, where everyone’s editing or starting new things, so maybe I can be helpful and be a critique partner. And possibly offer my paid services proofreading. Hey, come on. A girl’s gotta buy beer. I’ll see you at the Traverse, where I can be bought drinks and/or nachos in exchange for wittering on about my life’s work and all that. It’s going to be like this for a while. Brace yourselves. A more normal post will happen over the weekend, honest…


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