The Not Another Year In Bloody Review Post

It seems that everything from Facebook to Tumblr to Wordpress want to tell me how 2014 went, as if I didn’t know myself. You’re probably all fed up of ‘year in review’ updates, so I’ll keep this brief. That way, I can go back to the traditional festive activities of yet another ITV Bond film, excessive drinking and, er, making sweet bread loaves because you’re out of bread and flinging spices into dough seemed like a good idea at the time.

2014 has been pretty darn good. Much better than last year, anyway. I had no idea what I was doing then, I’d just finished a contract job and I’d finished the rough draft of my first novel and was being repeatedly walloped by the Self-Doubt Beast. And let me tell you, that hurts.



But this year, I moved back to Edinburgh. To be honest, Edinburgh was going to be the novel’s setting before I even moved back. It’s just the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. And Edinburgh accidentally provided my first big success with a short story in Stories of Home. It’s quite nice to have folk you admire compliment you, and have people you know asking for copies of the book signed for when you make it big. (Oh come on, I haven’t even practiced my signature, let alone picked out my mansion. *excavates tongue from cheek*) Anyway, everyone from the Scottish Book Trust was lovely, even when I rocked up at their door five minutes before they closed to get extra copies. Turns out that 20-odd books in a shoulder bag clears you a path to the New Town quite efficiently. Watch those tourists fly!

So, what next? Well, the main New Year resolution is keep writing. I’ve taken a bit of time out for Christmas and I’m out of practice. Well, I say time out but I did squeeze in a thousand words during It’s A Wonderful Life. What can I say, it was boring and over-hyped. I switched to Muppet Christmas Carol, like all cool people would. Because Sam the Eagle is so under-represented.

I always get Sam the Eagle and Alastair Darling mixed up. Odd, that.

I always get Sam the Eagle and Alastair Darling mixed up. Odd, that.

And the other big thing is to get the novel published. No pressure. I’m more hopeful than I was when I moved with my second draft, all unsure what to do with the damn thing. I’m very glad I spoke to all the awesome writers at Shamrokon and the lovely folk from Inspired Quill, or I’d have probably spent conventions sat in a corner gibbering quietly. Well, I still do that from time to time, but I feel a lot more confident about my writing. So, here’s to 2015 and whatever writing adventures it may bring.

This will be me in, ooh, a few hours. *glug*

This will be me in, ooh, a few hours. *glug*



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