Friday Rap Corner: Raspberry Pi Edition

When I’m not writing reams of passable urban fantasy, I work for the lovely Raspberry Pi Foundation. Not only are they super-supportive of my secret writerly double life, they’re turning three next month. Mulling this over, and the recent Astro Pi project, the chat turned, as it often does at Pi Towers, to rap battles.

The challenge was laid down. Could we write a rap about both Raspberry Pi and space? I gave it my best shot and here it is for posterity. (I don’t get paid extra for gems like this, by the way.) Stick on some Warren G and rap along!

There was some clear white text, a clear black screen
Eben U was at the keys, trying to live the dream
Make a tiny computer, the Raspberry Pi
So his homies could program in space, make their code fly

Just hit the north side of the CBG
On a mission trying to find the Pi masseev
Seen a class full of girls, finding code easy
All you chicks know what’s up with Python 3

So I fire up the Pi on the HDMI
Some brothers playin’ Minecraft so I said ‘Can I try?’
I broke out the code, mc.setBlock()
mc.player.getPos(), now let’s go for a walk

The class got musical, fired up Sonic Pi
These kids synthin’ so hard they bring a tear to my eye
Gonna think of better things than some GG dicks
I see my ladies and my gents all in this mix

I’m pimping out the Pi, I surprised myself
I can’t believe I don’t need much wealth
I got a Piglow, a camera, a Unicorn Hat
I looked at my brothers and said ‘Yeah, beat that’

Raspberry Pi Foundation, yo, they’re all around
Ain’t none of them telling you you can’t lay some code down
They gonna educate you real quick, it won’t make you frown
I best pull out my spacesuit and lay some Python down


So there you have it. Almost, but not quite, as good as the infamous short fanfic. (South) East Side Edinburgh represent, yo. *makes flappy rap gestures*

One thought on “Friday Rap Corner: Raspberry Pi Edition

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