Things wot I have written

Oh hey. I probably ought to use this thing for shameless self-promotion as well as fluff about Eurovision, shouldn’t I?

Well, it so happens that I’ve submitted another story to the Scottish Book Trust. This year’s theme is ‘journeys’. You should totally submit one too. Here’s mine. And in case you missed my billion posts about it, here’s last year’s.

I have a couple of short stories under consideration, mostly for radio. I’ve also got four or five that need polishing up, and then I might self-publish them, because Pop Tarts don’t buy themselves.

I’m still limping towards the finish line editing the novel, and juggling some other tough editorial exercises. Like trimming my synopsis down to a single sentence, which so far has been like pulling teeth.




Someone in the NaNoBeans writing group pointed out that it’s Camp NaNoWriMo this month. Despite spending the first week stoating about London and Oxfordshire, throwing business cards around like confetti and having my elevator pitch requested no less than three times, I’ve got a project to work on on the side. A novella, it turns out. It probably won’t get finished, because I *really* want to get The Silent Storm dragged kicking and screaming into the world this year. It’d be nice to get to convention season and have something to actually wave at people for actual money. We can but hope.



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