The young adults are taking over the interwebs

Twitter informs me that it’s #UKYADay today. What with #ukyachat and a whole bunch of other hashtags, it makes me right happy that YA is getting more of the spotlight. So what better timing to ramble more about my own adventures in the genre and slip in some shameless self-promotion?

I’ve actually slowed down on the reading pile, so the sum of my YA reads has been Scorpia and Ark Angel. (YA recommendations welcome, by the way!) I’m also trundling through The Time of the Hero, which while not strictly YA consists mostly of young men defying authority, punching each other and being angry they can’t get their end away with pretty ladies. Can’t for the life of me think where I’ve seen that sort of thing before. *glares at manuscript*

Most of my time’s been taken up with editing my own book. My dear husband, as ever, has been very helpful in this painful process:

Him: Well, Rael’s badly behaved, but how would he react if he found a gazebo?
Me: …gazebo?
Him: You don’t know about the gazebo thing?
Me: …no?
Him: *explains Eric and the Dread Gazebo from tales of BBS-es past*


'Asshole gazebo had it coming.'

‘Asshole gazebo had it coming.’


For some value of helpful. It’s also getting to the point where as well as Scrivener’s super-helpful corkboards, I’m starting to draw up timelines, look at Google Maps, create family trees and curse the day my universe needs research on politics in a) a fictional world, b) Edinburgh before I was born, and c) the other side of the world before I was born. I knew I should’ve picked a less complicated teenager.

Good job the internet helps keep me on point with YA tropes though. TVTropes aside, there’s Brooding YA Hero and a dear academic friend who makes sure I get in the broody things I mentioned in a previous post, by sending me GIFs of young men playing with their hair.



67 instances of hair in the MS. Sponsored by L’Oreal, me.


I also finally completed my editor’s exercise, condensing a 280-word synopsis into a single 29-word sentence. Admittedly, a sentence with far too many subclauses, but now it’s even leaner and more coherent than the elevator pitch I found myself doing no less than three times last week when I was meant to be on holiday, which got wholly positive responses  as well as some other suggestions, like ‘you should make it into a comic! Teenagers love comics!’ ‘you should submit some stories to Ghostwoods!’ and ‘you should come to our convention next year when you’re published, your book would fit right in with the theme!’. Good job I carry business cards with me everywhere, huh?

And on that note, back to final tweaks, limply attempting Camp NaNoWriMo and probably collapsing with a large wine in front of Poldark. It’s RESEARCH, alright?


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