Protect and survive

In between Camp NaNoWriMo and slaving over a hot Word document for my editor, I’ve had my arm twisted by my local writing chums and joined my third FutureLearn MOOC, Start Writing Fiction. It’s good practice, it gets me writing again and peer review is basically the best thing ever. With that in mind, here’s the first week’s exercise- one paragraph with one fact and three fictions, and one paragraph with three facts and one fiction. You get no prizes for guessing what decade I base most of my writing in…

We were given a three minute warning before the missiles came. The government had promised that they had done everything they could to prevent war, but I was unconvinced. Still, the refuge we had made from old battered chairs and doors would definitely prevent the blast from reaching us. That’s what the leaflet said, anyway. I’d stashed enough food to keep us alive for a fortnight, but the acrid smell of decay was beginning to turn my stomach. The gun lay by the refuge entrance, unused.

When it was announced the Prime Minister’s son had gone missing in the Sahara, the press had a field day, even if they had to squeeze the story in below the headline three million unemployment figure and the sinking of Radio Caroline. With so much occupying the newspapers, nobody paid any attention to the ship docking at Portsmouth, lines of troops in deep red uniforms pouring onto the streets, bloodstains against the grey pavements. By the time the sun set, the front pages would tell a different story.

The public information film was even more terrifying.

The public information film was even more terrifying.

I may have been reading this little historical document over breakfast, because I find it grimly fascinating. It might find its way into a future adventure, who knows. While I was writing, Spotify clearly saw a theme and played this at me. 80s throwback, moi?



3 thoughts on “Protect and survive

  1. It’s an interesting concept isn’t it 🙂 the way fiction flows from fact and vice-versa, it seems to come through just with the posts on the course website. Since I know a few of you will look here – here’s my attempt at this exercise ;

    3 fiction and 1 fact

    As I was reading, staring at the bewildering amount of comments on this thread, my Kitten jumped up and started to speak to me. Didn’t you know Kittens could speak? I didn’t, until this very moment I could swear she didn’t understand me, wanting to play all the time; even when I’m trying to work very hard on becoming a professional procrastinator. I may well fail; but at least I tried, and the Kitten agrees.

    1 fiction and 3 fact

    You know; I blog all the time, regular as clockwork. I ponder on astonishingly wide variety of philosophical subjects, then that ever faithful white rabbit pops up on my screen and distracts me. It never fails to lure me down it’s numerous rabbit holes, I get lost; and end up writing about them.


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