Things wot I have done

Cor, it’s been a bit busy round these parts. Just in case you all think I’m dead, here’s a quick update while I cobble together a larger post…


I’ve been given my object for the 26 Children’s Winters project. I’m really chuffed about it. It’s somehow perfect for me, so I can only assume the lovely ladies behind this are telepathic. Or have been reading my manuscript over my shoulder. All I’ll say is it made me go ‘oooooOOOOooooh’. Hopefully I’ll be meeting some of the other 26 writers at the Museum of Childhood this week- can’t wait to mingle with everyone!

A grateful client got me The Writer’s Toolbox after some short story editing, and it’s been very useful for shifting writer’s block. I’ve got a few short stories on the go, and seem to have started 500 or so words about a necromantic lawyer, because my brain is diseased. Could be worse, though- I could have tried this bastard child of Barbara Cartland and EL James…


Words actually fail me.

Words actually fail me.


I’ve still been pretending to be an extrovert at things like the launch of Writers’ Essentials and another Literary Salon. Speaking of pretending, I have a character sheet to fill out for a writing workshop, and it’s been a while since I clambered into their heads. In one fraught Daily Mail-tinged conversation with Mum- who doesn’t understand writing brains- she lamented ‘this fantasy Dungeons and Dragons stuff’, talked about a serial killer who read comics, then said she’d worry about a writer’s sanity with ‘all those people in their heads’. Let’s gloss over the devious oversexed selkie, the murderous kelpie and the undersexed, unruly teenager rattling round in mine, then.


This is why I drink.

This is why I drink.

On the plus side, she read my first three chapters and said it was ‘better than those bad ebooks I buy’. Thanks, mum! *cries into wine*



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