Number 10: Build a castle out of Lego

Haunted castles and Lego… what’s not to like?

sezl: 50 +


Since about 1994, I’ve  been surrounded by Lego. Both the kids loved it and both had boxes of it. For the first two or three years, all they ever seemed to do was tip it out of the boxes, scatter it all over the floor, lose interest and leave it for me to pick up. As everyone who’s ever stood heavily on a stray piece of Lego will know, it’s unbearably painful. As anyone who has crossly Hoovered before properly clearing up will know, a small piece of Lego is enough to choke a Dyson to death. My memories of Lego are not particularly fond. When I asked the kids if I could borrow their Lego to tick an item off the list they were both suspicious and grudging. ‘Don’t get our Lego mixed up with anyone else’s …’ they warned me. They also told me that they would not help with…

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