26 Children’s Winters update

So, I’ve finished the first draft of my sestude. I’ll have a bit of a worry then hit ‘send’ after my long-suffering husband chivvies me. Meanwhile, it occurred to me that I haven’t revealed what my object was, so let’s fix that.

My object is Halloween-themed!

It's just so very *me*.

It’s just so very *me*.


The museum text reads:
Halloween or All Saints’ Eve is celebrated in many countries across the world in different ways.  It falls on 31 October as part of the Christian calendar for remembering the dead.  The idea is to use the power of humour and ridicule to confront the power of death and send it away.  Traditional activities include guising, trick or treating, apple bobbing and dressing up.  Tattie bogles (potato scarecrows) and turnip lanterns are particularly Scottish.

Being me, I went off on two wild tangents with research- one in a turnip-y sort of direction, the other towards Andean syncretic festivals. There’s been a mix of my own childhood memories and novel research I’d forgotten about, taking in poetry, traditional dances and general big scary demonic things. If the NSA ever want to have a go at convicting me, I’d love to see what they make of my search history….

Astute readers will spot the point where I got distracted.

Astute readers will spot the point where I got distracted.


There will be a longer post in a few weeks, but in the meantime I’m off onto the novel query treadmill, which may require more beer to deal with than the house has in stock…

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