NineWorlds- or how one year I’ll actually have time for the Fringe

Tomorrow we’re heading to London for the third NineWorlds Geekfest. I’m almost prepared for it, by which I mean ‘last-minute flailing, locating my dwindling supply of business cards and staring at a vague, clash-filled timetable‘. And like last year I seem to be fleeing Edinburgh just as Fringe preview season kicks off. Woops.

In many ways, conventions are a bit like the Fringe. There’s far too many cool things on (leading to ‘programme fatigue’), it can be expensive, and you drink more coffee and beer than is advisable. Although that could be most days round here. Um. Yeah. Bad example.

Also, the Fringe contains kelpies. Run while you still can, puny humans!

The Fringe also contains kelpies. Run while you still can, puny humans!

We’re not avoiding the delights of the Festivals altogether- it’s just that conventions tend to happen at the same time. And since this one has such varied joys as a gin tasting, the lovely folk from Inspired Quill, Fringe favourites Knightmare Live and an extreme NaNoWriMo-style contest with the goal of writing a novel in an hour, how can I turn it down? I’m mostly planning to hover round all things YA and fantasy in between all this. Or possibly just sit at the bar, since that seems to be where the real networking happens. Come get a business card and ask me about my murderous kelpie, my devious selkie or even my prating manchild of a teenager! Or perhaps ask me about my reasonable word-poking rates, so I can afford the drinks at the bar. Freelance life, yo.

After the convention I’m open to suggestions on Fringe shows to see, and I’ll be hovering round the Book Festival trying to look vaguely authorial and going to a few YA talks, like the excellent Roy Gill and Paul Magrs. So it’s just another quiet summer, then. See some of you tomorrow!


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