26 Children’s Winters

Autumn’s rolled around with surprising speed, and it’s time to announce that the 26 Children’s Winters exhibition opens at the Museum of Childhood this Friday, the 9th of October. My little sestude will be on display until next March! And not only that, there will be an online advent calendar too. We’ll be talking about it at November’s Literary Salon. I might have volunteered to read my sestude. So exciting.


*happy dance*


You can read all of our mini blog pieces about writing the sestudes here. I have lots more I could say about South American culture now I’m back from my travels in Bolivia and Peru, and hopefully I’ll write something this week if the mental health weasels stay away. It’s hard to be in an upbeat mood when the skies are grey outside and you’re not on Isla del Sol staring at Lake Titicaca. Ah well. I’ve got pages and pages of ideas to write up, so watch this space…


*stares into distance* *sighs*

*stares into distance* *sighs*


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