26 Children’s Winters: Advent Calendar now live!

Ooh, it’s December, and you know what that means? The 26 Children’s Winters online advent calendar is up and ready for you all to marvel at. You can see a new window every day from a 26 writer, and donate to local charity It’s Good 2 Give at the same time. The first piece is by my editor, Fiona Thompson, and is really rather good. But wait, there’s more!

We’ve had some lovely writeups on Edinburgh Spotlight, the Evening News and the Edinburgh Reporter, and a spot at the hot writerly hangout that is the Literary Salon, but we’re taking over your tellybox too. If you live in Edinburgh- or can sling an EH postcode into STV Player– you can watch a feature about the exhibition tonight on STV Edinburgh’s Fountainbridge Show at 7pm (Edit: You can watch the feature here). The ever-lovely Sara Sheridan and Lyn Wall from the Museum of Childhood will tell you a bit about the project, and some of the writers will read their pieces and answer a few questions. One of those writers is me.





If you look carefully, you might just see traces of the sleety monsoon that helpfully descended as soon as I got off the bus, resulting in a ladies loos emergency makeover like a media champ. Still, I’m sure nobody will notice it over the noise of my cringing at the sound of my own voice. But anyway, tune in and see my wintry Halloween sestude, or I’ll cry forever.

BUT WAIT THERE’S EVEN MORE. We were lucky enough to get funding for a book of the sestudes featured in the exhibition, and it’ll be on sale very soon at the museum for a mere £5, with all profits going to It’s Good 2 Give. A lovely Christmas present for, well, everyone really. So, yeah. Here endeth my weekly bout of shameless self-promotion and ego-boosting. Until it’s my turn on the advent calendar, and then I’ll be insufferable again ❤


26 Childrens Winters

That muppet in purple’s a wrong ‘un.



4 thoughts on “26 Children’s Winters: Advent Calendar now live!

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