Shameless spring self-promotion

I appear to have a week of a rare thing called a ‘holiday’, in theory untroubled by day job but also with no time for any fiction writing due to bridesmaid duties (mostly involving drinking beer). Still, I figured that rather than try and write a massive post about the latest YA scandal or Eurovision voting farrago, I’d have a cheeky quick reminder of something of mine you can actually buy Real Soon Now.

I’ve been gathering some short stories together, all fantasy-themed, and I decided that this year I’d release them into the wild on Amazon because a) money is nice and b) I’d really like you all to read them (and enjoy them!). Editing is happening when I have spare moments, and so far you have these to look forward to…

  • A synaesthesia-based music contest
  • Pompous lairds chasing after mischievous kelpies
  • Two Edinburgh superheroes with less than heroic ambitions
  • Banshees getting tangled up with schoolgirls
  • And, if you’re lucky, a little prologue for my novel that I’m rather pleased with.





So while my little novel carries on doing the querying rounds, you can get your hands on some of my work on your Kindle for a piffling amount of money. That’s the plan, anyway. If I can get through the edits in good time, and my cover is finished by then, I’ll be looking to release it next month. And speaking of covers, an immensely talented chum who works in woodcut art is beavering away on it as I type. Since it’s called Hooves Above The Water and there’s a distinctly kelpie-ish theme, that’s what we’re running with. And here’s a tiny sneak preview of the cover in progress…


I wouldn't go in the water if I were you.

I wouldn’t go in the water if I were you.


And there you have it. Watch this space for more info (or my usual ramblings). And now I must get back to board gaming and beer. This holiday lark could catch on.

2 thoughts on “Shameless spring self-promotion

  1. I’d be grateful if you’re also able to release it in a non-kindle, and more generally non-DRMed way. Or is Amazon the jealous type, demanding exclusivity? 🙄


    • I don’t have plans to release it on anything other than Kindle- it’s quite hard to keep track of three or four publishing platforms, and Kindle is the most popular/profitable platform…


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