A walk around town

After a whole lot of radio silence and constantly refreshing my inbox for novel news, I’ve got some other good news to share with you. HOW EXCITING.

Thanks to the lovely ladies at City of Literature who promoted it, I applied for the LitLong workshop. Wandering round Edinburgh with a custom literary-themed app, then writing about the experience? A perfect fit for me, clearly. I wrote about bits of Edinburgh for Stories of Home. Large chunks of my novel are set in the Old Town and the less glamorous parts of Edinburgh. So when they asked for a writing sample, I sent off my first chapter, set in the Dean Village and the (not very selkie-friendly) Water of Leith. And it worked!


Aww yeaaah

Aww yeaaah


So in a week’s time I’ll be taking part in a day-long workshop, where I’ll hopefully have something interesting to say about Edinburgh, and where I’ll also probably network like crazy at the evening reception. I’m so excited about this – it’s going to be just the thing to spur me into action after months of dragging my heels on short stories and *counts* three novels in various states of disrepair. Anyway, stay tuned for my thoughts on the workshop. Or just my general rambling about Edinburgh. That too.


I bloody love Edinburgh <3

I bloody love Edinburgh ❤


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