A walk along the bridge, a hoof above the water

You know that thing where you wish there were 26 hours in the day so you could get everything done? That thing. But I come staggering back to the blog, pretty goddamn shattered, bearing a few pieces of exciting writing news…

First off, in a stroke of luck I’ve managed to find myself in another 26 project: 26 Steps. My journey, which I’ll be doing this weekend, will head across the Forth Road Bridge from Edinburgh to Fife, taking in the two Queensferrys. By the end of it, I should hopefully have a photo, a map and a 62-word sestude (and not be drenched in rain/snow, please Spring, just stay with Scotland a few more days). And I’ve now got a good excuse to root around the charity shops in South Queensferry like some kind of belated Record Store Day hipster, looking for LPs to play on my newly reassembled turntable.


Let's hope for views like this.

Let’s hope for views like this.


As if that wasn’t enough, I’ve just got the final cover for my short story collection. Y’know, the one where life got in the way when I was about to plough through its edits and get it out ages ago. And, short of pinning down which stories I’m putting in and in what order, and possibly writing an introduction (yea? nay? Would you just skip my pretentious intro words and get to the even more pretentious ones?), it’s kind of ready to roll. In between the madness of the past week, full of work deadlines and running round Edinburgh like a mad thing, I’ve been squealing at this cover. Here’s a little sneak peek…


Holy woodcut, Batman!

Holy woodcut, Batman!


Oh, and I’ve been gamely attempting Camp NaNoWriMo, which hasn’t been a complete write-off but probably won’t be a winner this year. Still, I’ve unstuck a major plot point in the novel sequel, navigated the complicated world of unionised brownie politics, made at least one dick joke, and worked out just what kind of improvised explosive device is best to take out a murderous water-horse. My browser history’s the best. Ask me about it on Tuesday at the Literary Salon. And buy me a coffee. Lord knows, I need it this month.



3 thoughts on “A walk along the bridge, a hoof above the water

  1. I love the cover sneak (woodcut and horses, what is there not to like?), and look forward to reading the stories. I have a backlog at the moment but things are at last quiet. Re writing the introduction, I’m reminded of Kierkegard’s /Prefaces/.

    I’ve been working on the story I’ve been mulling over for a few months and it’s just about ready for the big word one (which I’ve been itching to start writing for weeks). It’s all gone a bit insane: my plot/character summary guide is 5k words, so I’m guessing it’s not going to be a short story, 🙂 . Probably about 40-80k, I think, so ETA when hell freezes over at the current rate.

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