In which I actually talk about writing instead of Eurovision

I’m back from Stockholm, with a much lighter wallet, kilos of Eurovision tat and precisely zero writing done. But I have some writing news to tide you all over, plus there was the fact that the Baltic trio of entrants were all basically Brooding YA Hero templates, which gives me a nice excuse to start with Latvia’s entry Justs Sirmais and get his beautiful face out of my system.


That floppy hair means he's surely a main character.

That floppy hair means he’s surely a main character.

First off, you might remember the LitLong workshop I took part in last month. Well, I sent in a piece to be considered for the competition, and it was one of three entries chosen for an upcoming anthology. Hurray! A Beltane Prayer is actually the least YA thing I’ve written – in fact, it all gets a bit lit-fic – but I’m very pleased with it, and there’s going to be a flurry of edits before it’s published. Watch this space.

I’ve also just handed in my photo and sketch map to my editor for the 26 Steps project, due to be released in September. The piece that came out of my 3-mile walk also wasn’t very YA, has a touch of history about it and is almost more verse than prose, because the Muse works in mysterious ways. It was also a lovely excuse to wrap up on a cold, crisp April afternoon and trundle along the Forth Road Bridge, which was full of fancy dress charity walkers, shambling teenagers and those Love Locks you see on every bridge now. Plus, top views of the new bridge looking like some kind of sci-fi trio of ships. The original bridge is the best though!


Still pretty even in the cold.

Still pretty even in the cold.


Finally, I’m pleased to announce I’ve got involved with the Tommy Vs. Cancer blog tour. Tommy Donbavand is a prolific children’s author and artist of my beloved Bash Street Kids, who’s currently battling throat cancer and has set up a Patreon with all manner of goodies you can nab for a small donation. The lovely Vivienne Dacosta mustered the forces of children’s literature, which have historically done quite well for being charitable and amazing, and so the blog tour was born. I’ll be blogging my review on June 13th, and my book has just arrived today. It looks fab, so I’ll be digging into it this weekend.


These kids were my life goal.

These kids were my life goal.


And that’s all for now. I’m off to prod KDP and make sure everything’s nicely formatted for my short story collection, coming very soon to a Kindle near you. HOW EXCITING.

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