So, I heard you like short stories…

…and it’s your lucky day. The Edinburgh International Book Festival might have finished, but I haven’t shoved the kelpies back in the stable yet. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you all about my fantastic Story Shop appearance in the next post, but right now I have a little something for you…

I’m pleased to say that after some poking and prodding and umming and aahing, my wee short story collection, Hooves Above The Waves, is finally ready for release! If you like to fill your Kindle with tales of mythical beasties, humans with extraordinary powers and a great deal of peril, then you’ve come to the right place. For a bargainous £1.99 you can bag these stories for your reading pleasure:

  • Loch na Bèiste, which I read as part of Story Shop 2016 at the EIBF
  • Accounts Payable, featuring a rather unsavoury, super-powered secondary character from my urban fantasy novel
  • Safe Harbour, a tale of Russians, shipwrecks and the supernatural in the gorgeous scenery of Wester Ross

And not only that, my immensely talented friend Chiara Pieri has designed this gorgeous woodcut kelpie for the cover. Feast your eyes… *drumroll*… on THIS.


Kelpies are THE BEST.

Kelpies are THE BEST.


I’m so excited to finally announce this book, which gives a little taster of the sort of crazy fiction I write. Now that Story Shop is done, I’m super-motivated to get my writing out there and (hopefully!) get good feedback from you lovely lot, while I work on finding a home for my novels. Hooves Above The Waves will be released this Friday, 2nd September, exclusively on Kindle. Once I’ve got my act together, it’ll be out on other ebook providers in the following months (I know Kindle isn’t universally popular, but I like high royalties and gin doesn’t buy itself), and if there’s enough demand for it I’ll hit up CreateSpace for physical copies too.

*Gushing Oscar-style speech klaxon*

I just want to thank the people that helped knock this into shape: Guthrie, Caroline, Andrew, Liz and Tim from my writing group for their invaluable feedback, the lovely Emma for lending me her beautiful Highland cottage as a writing garret, Lorna Lynch from Raspberry Pi for beta reading and driving the grammar truck into my prose, and the ladies of Edinburgh City of Literature for giving me so much support at the monthly Salons and letting me loose at the Book Festival with my murderous kelpies. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some celebrating to do. And then sleeping. I remember sleep. Sleep is good.


Me, right now.

Me, right now.


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