Kelpies, umbrellas and bridges, oh my!

You’d think I’d have slowed down after the chaos of August, but the shameless publicity machine never sleeps. Well, except for when I’m juggling two novel edits, three NaNoWriMo ideas and three short stories. Maybe one day I’ll take time off. Anyway, today I have news about real actual books that you can buy, and some free fiction you can read right now…

First up, Hooves Above The Waves is now available in paperback on Amazon US and Amazon UK (and elsewhere!) and the CreateSpace store. Hurrah! If you buy it before tomorrow night, you can snag the Kindle version for just 99p before the Countdown Deal ends, thus getting everything for just over £5. A fiver for two books is better than a kelpie eating you alive. Or a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks. Maybe.

Buy it, or I'll have to stick a sandwich board on this kelpie.

Buy it, or I’ll have to stick a sandwich board on this kelpie.


Next up, my short story A Beltane Prayer is featured in the upcoming anthology Umbrellas of Edinburgh, to be published by Freight Press in November. It’s quite a stellar lineup: everyone from the Edinburgh Makar Christine de Luca, New Writers Award winner Pippa Goldschmidt, and a whole host of talented poets and fiction writers (including lovely fellow Story Shopper Viccy Adams). Why not preorder a copy now?


May involve supernatural volcanic goings-on.

May involve supernatural volcanic goings-on.

Finally, the 26 Steps project is now live with a feast of micro-fiction, featuring my piece Maggie and Malcolm based on a walk across the Forth Road Bridge. Sadly, there won’t be the promised book of postcards, but I might yet get some printed with my piece, because I bloody love carrying round cardboard pieces of self-promotion.

And that’s it for now! May the word count be ever in your favour, and your NaNoWriMo planning fruitful…


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