Blogmas, Day 3: Writing Wishes

It’s officially Christmas in our house now, not just because the tree’s here and we’ve bought the supermarket’s entire supply of mulled wine – we’ve had the first play of Fairytale of New York and that other, er, “classic”, Stay Another Day. The 90s has a lot to answer for.

Today’s Blogmas question is ‘If a genie could grant you 3 writing wishes, what would they be?’

The first wish would be for characters that actually do what they’re told. The only time I planned a NaNoWriMo novel, it went horribly wrong. So yes, nice, polite, well-mannered characters that get herded where I want them, please.


I know - I'll get this instead :(

I know – I’ll get this instead 😦


The second wish would be that the writing Muse had a proper schedule. It’s always at 2am after a long day down the freelance coalface, or chilling on holiday without a notepad to hand, isn’t it? Not that I’m complaining, sitting on 20,000 words or so of fantasy set in Barcelona, with a mouthy, slightly precocious, gender-ambiguous main character haring around after the Supreme Comte, firing off superpowers like they haven’t got a plan. Christ, Muse, make it easy for me, will you?





And the third wish? Other than more hours in the day, I’d have to say a nice publisher/agent who will go ‘holy crap this is the best thing I’ve ever clapped eyes on, shut up and take my book deal’, but we can’t expect Christmas miracles, eh? 😉

Tomorrow’s Blogmas will be a bit delayed like this one, as I’m at the SCBWI South-East Scotland Christmas do. Expect at least one fresh idea to come out of nattering to my fellow children’s writers. I DIDN’T NEED FREE TIME ANYWAY.


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