Blogmas, Day 4: Writing Inspiration

And so, Blogmas continues, with today’s question ‘from where have you recently drawn writing inspiration?’…

To be honest, I get inspiration everywhere I go. I always carry a notebook on me for jotting down random observations, because you never know when they might make it into a story. My most recent trip to Barcelona has sprouted some kind of straight-up, possibly adult/crossover fantasy story that’s gripped my brain and refuses to let go, but if I’m honest, the place I get the most inspiration is my regular commute on the #2 bus.

The thing with that bus is it goes through all sorts of interesting bits of Edinburgh. Its first port of call is Craigmillar, which is an area not many people would care to visit. But I’ve written love letters to the place, and tramped up the very high-rise where my main character lives in the name of political canvassing back in 2014, and let me tell you – there’s nothing like a browse through Craigmillar Library’s YA section, lunch in the absurdly cheap White House, run by cheery locals, and on one recent Friday where my mental health took a nosedive, going up to the castle to write, with only the resident critter-hunting wild YA Cat for company. Hell, I even got roped in to literary champion and foodie extraordinaire Blythe‘s photoshoot for the excellent Bookfellas initiative there recently.


Dapper, eh?

Dapper, eh?


And that’s all before you get to the trip towards the upmarket student land that is Newington, in the shadow of Arthur’s Seat, and the tourist-filled Grassmarket with its dark bridge arches and That Castle View. I mean, it’s hard not to stitch a story together out of all this. Just as well I already have, eh? 😉

Tomorrow on Blogmas, I might well talk about self-publishing, thanks to the lovely #storycrafter lot on Twitter and the fact that my short stories will be out in generic EPUB this week. Oh yes indeed…


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