Blogmas, Day 8: The one with more self-promotion

I’ve been beavering away on some top-secret business negotiations recently. By which I mean ‘ask friends who know people in high places then ask them nicely to let me speak to other important people, and sit by my inbox crying’. But it’s all been worth it, and so I can announce my big important paperback-related news…

*drumroll* I can reveal that you can now buy copies of Hooves Above The Waves in the Edinburgh South Bridge branch of Blackwell’s!



Oh yes. I just delivered a small box of them this morning, and they will be available in the Scottish Writers department. Rumours that I’m considering going in this weekend and taking a picture of them on the shelf are totally unfounded. Anyway, I’m dead chuffed that they agreed to stock it, so please go and buy a copy or I’ll be very sad (and future orders will obviously depend on how many of this batch sell). TELL ALL YOUR EDINBURGH FRIENDS.

Also, remember that you can ask any bookshop to order in my book if you provide them with the title and/or ISBN from the link at the top of this post. (An old lady was doing just this with some other book in the queue in front of me.) Edinburgh is blessed with many bookshops, both large chains and independents, and the more places I can get a presence in, the better. I’ll still be hustling hard myself, but any help is much appreciated from you, the lovely, gorgeous readers.

You look great. Have you had your hair done? HAVE YOU BOUGHT MY BOOK?

You look great. Have you had your hair done? HAVE YOU BOUGHT MY BOOK?

Next on Blogmas… who knows? I will be out tomorrow at the excellent Interrobang, featuring Story Shop 2016 alumna Beth Cochrane and up-and-coming literary folks 404 Ink. You should totally come and say hello. And I might also be reading something out, assuming I can write something between now and tomorrow night. Erm.


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