Blogmas, Day 9: Interrobang?!

A quick Blogmas today, as I’ve been out at Interrobang?! with the theme of The War On Christmas. I bloody love Edinburgh’s spoken word scene. There’s just so much of it, and that means so many chances to pop up and read your words to an appreciative crowd. Tonight, we had everything from vengeful Christmas music-hating neighbours from Gavin Inglis, to punky Christmas song covers from Nerd Bait, and the darker side of Rudolph from one of the many awesome 404 Ink writers who guest-starred. I’m definitely going to get something together for Interrobang 4, and after talking to one of the 404 team I have a feeling they really like dark shit, so expect me to be beavering away on something for their second edition, themed on ‘The F Word’.

And not only did I get a copy of the first 404, I have an interrobang on my wrist to try and explain to people at the weekend. Oh yes. Maybe I should get it made into a permanent tattoo, hmm?


Part of the Interrobang Gang now…


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