Blogmas, Day 12: Current read

Quick Blogmas today, as I’ve been scooting about submitting to another pitch contest and staring at the banshee novel’s edits with some dread. Today’s question is ‘what is your current read and why did you choose it?’

I’m currently reading Fire Girl by Matt Ralphs, purely for the reason that it’s been sitting at the top of my (physical) to-read pile for a while since I bought it at the UK YA Extravaganza in Newcastle. It’s got everything: witches, animal familiars, and demons. And I’m loving it so far.


I’ve also just finished The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge, and I think I have a new 2016 favourite. Strong female characters, natural science, religion and the struggles of Victorian women in a male-dominated society, all tied up with Frances’s lush prose. (Hey, sue me, I like reading unashamedly florid descriptions as much as I like writing them.)

Oh, and because I parallel-read things, I also have the audiobook of Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography on the go, and Junk by Melvin Burgess after tonight’s fab Twitter Q&A. I’m planning a reading-heavy Christmas, as you can tell. Well, apart from the short story I should be writing alongside the edits. Ah well. Mañana.

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