Blogmas, Day 13: Edits, edits, edits

‘Hey, Laura, what did you spend your afternoon doing?’



I haven’t had time to sit down and edit for months, and I forgot how hard it is to get back in the groove. Which would be why I spent about an hour doing all the housework backlog before I started. Priorities, people. On the plus side, my fictional teenagers are behaving themselves a bit better, and maybe there is something to be salvaged in a simple story about ordinary schoolgirls meeting rogue banshee contract killers. It’s a TALE AS OLD AS TIME.


Fun for all the family!

Fun for all the family!


The plan is that it’ll be polished by next spring, so I can have two manuscripts to cart round on my long, possibly fruitless querying adventure. And maybe by then I’ll have a first draft of the alternative Barcelona fantasy¬†work-in-progress to edit. So, basically, 2017 is going to be all editing, all the time, in between writing new short pieces for whatever fabulous opportunities come my way. I’ve pencilled in sleep for 2018.

Tomorrow on Blogmas, there may be something poetry-themed, as I’m at the launch of a dear friend’s husband’s poetry pamphlet. I promise I won’t go all McGonagall on you. Honest.

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