Blogmas, Day 14: Soundtracks

I’ve got so caught up in editing today, that I’ve forgotten about everything else I was going to do. Seriously, roll on Christmas, when I promise you I’ll just sit around watching Muppet Christmas Carol and hoovering up sherry. And so to today’s topic…

My random prompt is ‘Create a soundtrack for your book’. Fortunately, I already did, way back when it was a NaNoWriMo project. In fact, I have a whole folder of writing soundtracks on Spotify. You could say music was quite important to my writing (I’ve written about it before). To be honest, it’s also a great excuse to listen to The Associates again, first introduced to me by a fellow computing MSc student who insisted on sending me it in Freshers Week over MSN Messenger. Yes, I’m that old. If you don’t like this song, you have no soul.



The work-in-progress (apparently titled Llum i Foscor on Scrivener so OK then) is starting to get its own soundtrack too, and it’s pretty damn eclectic. It’s a very visual story, with light and dark and descriptive passages which are unashamedly on the purple side of prose. And in an astonishing break from tradition, its soundtrack is not wholly 80s. It does, though, have REM, and that’s worthwhile just for this stunning video.



Ahh, lovely. Next on Blogmas, I’ll probably be knee-deep in writing cards and wrapping presents, so expect something festive…


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