Blogmas, Day 16: Party Time

Today, my long-suffering husband went to his office Christmas lunch. Alas, I was sat in the house with a Christmas card and present list a mile long and nobody to talk to, because I live the freelance life. So I hatched a Cunning Plan, and it might go tremendously well or end in disaster…

If you freelance, you know how sad it is when all your mates go out for work parties and you’re stuck at home like a lemon. So, if you’d like to have a Christmas party, I’m declaring next Friday 23rd as #freelancexmasparty day. Join me on Twitter for a day of top music, sumptuous food and sparkling conversation. Or, as the reality might be, a turkey ready meal, Stop The Cavalry on repeat and howling into the abyss while wearing a hat made of unpaid invoices.





I’ve ordered a gaming-themed Christmas jumper for the occasion. I’ve got a few bottles of no-expense-spent Bucks Fizz in. And I have all the best Christmas songs in a Spotify playlist. I just need YOU, my friends in my computer, to join me for the festive party event of the year. No longer will we sit alone looking sadly at the office meal out menu from afar! No queuing on ‘Mad Friday’ for drinks at Wetherspoons! And if you feel like unburdening a bit and telling me some work Christmas party tales of woe, I will provide a sympathetic ear. Post pictures of your festive outfits, tell me what’s going on at your party, or just tell us all to get out more. I mean, maybe sitting in my home office non-stop since September has driven me a bit barmy.



The party will kick off at… well, when DO office parties start? Let’s say 3pm and see where that goes. I’d hate to see y’all lonely this Christmas, to quote Mud, so let’s spread the virtual love a bit. Besides, you might make some new friends, and it’ll be a good warmup for the Christmas weekend proper, no?

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