Blogmas, Day 17: Glesga

A quick Blogmas today, as I spent most of the afternoon in The Other City visiting a dear Twitter friend for his birthday – and if Glasgow SF writers are your thing, I highly recommend this anthology that Matty has a story in. I do like Glasgow, even if I live in Edinburgh – it’s not too big a city for me to feel utterly lost in like London, and the arts scene is pretty strong. Plus, it looks tremendous all lit up with Christmas lights, even if you can’t stop to take pictures because you’re dashing for the fast train home to avoid the Buckfast-swigging football bams. Och well. Might take a weekday trip through to see George Square all tinsely. I am half-Glaswegian, after all.

And on that note, a band that really conjures up Glasgow for me, along with the excellent Blue Nile. Tomorrow on Blogmas, possibly another small post, as I’m at a carol service a friend’s singing at and then quaffing a lot of wine at a friend’s early Christmas party…


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