Blogmas, Day 19: Family

Today’s Blogmas is mostly brought to you by being grateful for my family. When preparations for Christmas start to swamp you, and your mental health takes a nosedive, it’s good to know that dearest papá can come round, help swear at weird-shaped presents and wrestle with tape and brown paper, and generally chew the fat.


We all need duvet days like this.


To be honest, I’d started the day grumpy (and sore, thanks to the dentist). But now, I’m feeling a bit more grounded, and I have a bunch of parcels on their way to friends, thanks to the post office’s resident Brooding YA Hero employee. (He was quite charming, which would’ve been lovely if I didn’t feel the laser stares of a hundred old ladies in the queue behind me. Ahem.) Granted, I haven’t done much writing today, but I’ll be up and at ’em tomorrow in some Rocky-style montage, I’m sure.

Tomorrow on Blogmas, there’s something I want to get off my chest, so expect some extending of brass necks and donning of flameproof clothes…

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