Blogmas, Day 20: Reading dens

Today got a bit rammed with wrapping the last presents, ordering £60 worth of Bucks Fizz and cheddar the Christmas shop, and failing to both write a new YA piece with a Thursday deadline and marzipan the Christmas cake – I know, I should’ve done it in August, right? So instead of something more longform, I’m answering the prompt ‘Describe (in words or photos) your favourite reading space’…

I have to confess that I don’t read nearly as much as I used to when I was a young bookworm. Back then, I’d make a duvet fort and read until it was way past my bedtime. These days, I feel guilty about setting aside time to curl up with a good book, because it’s time not spent writing, editing or querying. But now it’s Christmas, so I’m catching up with my to-read pile.

I mostly read physical books, either bought or borrowed, but because you lovely lot often snaffle up the hot YA reads I want from the library, I’ve started using an app called Overdrive, which lets you borrow ebooks. Which is all well and good, until you want to curl up in bed with one. I don’t have a Kindle, so the choice is ‘weeny smartphone screen’ or the Surface, which is very clear and legible, but also not very light, and tends to fall on your head if you hold it up for long enough. Cue standing it on the pillow and trying to read lying down…


No it's fine, I'm very comfortable...

No it’s fine, I’m very comfortable…


I also read a lot on the bus when I’m popping in and out for literary events. It’s quite peaceful, until the local YA main characters hold their weekly conference on the #4 and you end up switching to a notebook to work out just what’s cool with the future heroes this world didn’t know it needed.

Don't get cocky, son, or you'll be killed off.

Don’t get cocky, son, or you’ll be killed off.

To be honest, my favourite place is the sofa in the conservatory (ooh, la di da!), on a nice warm day when all the birds are pottering in the garden. I miss having time to do that. And right now, I’d die of hypothermia if I went in there. Ah well. Time to haul the laptop off and read some fine prose from that there Melvin Burgess. Until tomorrow!


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