Blogmas, Day 24: Festive wishes

Well, this is it. Muppet Christmas Carol’s been watched, the turkey’s been prepared, half the bottle of sherry is drunk, so it’s time to kick back and relax. No, really. I’ve not written a word of prose today. So on that note, a festive photo post vaguely inspired by the prompt on describing your writing space…

We take Christmas pretty seriously in our house. Every year, more decorations get bought, the tree seems to expand, and then the neighbours all try to out-bling us. But whatever they do, there’s no way they’ll out-do this year’s cake topping, in which our skateboarding YA hero battles his mortal enemy, which was entirely not brought about by the contents of my Megabloks advent calendar. Hrrm.


No wonder that reindeer looks startled.

No wonder that reindeer looks startled.


The writing den’s had a festive revamp too, especially the YA/children’s shelf I made all by myself. It also hosts things that remind me of my 2016 successes – the piece that was displayed at the Museum of Childhood, bits and pieces from the Scottish Book Trust and City of Literature, and a book about kelpies I hear everyone’s buying. (Buy my book &c &c.)


And Deutschland 83, because of Jonas Ney <3

And Deutschland 83, because of Jonas Ney ❤


It’s actually hard to escape all the amazing 2016 literary memories in my office. The little Eurovision corner (yep, hence the Russian flag and Swedish scarf) has my wee collection of Book Festival bags (and my lanyard hanging on my desk!) from my Story Shop appearance, and this rather fetching zingy orange bag from the Umbrellas of Edinburgh launch party in the Scottish Poetry Library. I think that was when I really started to feel like the August Book Festival appearance had kickstarted my autumn writing success…


The 'casually throw fairy lights' approach. Every time.

The ‘casually throw fairy lights’ approach. Every time.


Anyway, it’s all a roundabout way of saying it’s good to just stop and think about how far I’ve come this year. My writing CV’s looking pretty healthy, I have some idea of where I want my writing to go in 2017, and I really feel like a part of the Edinburgh literary family. And it is a family. It’s small, it’s quite tight-knit, it’s at times dysfunctional, but in the main it’s supportive and welcoming, and I’m so proud to know you all. Have a great Christmas everyone, and here’s to a successful 2017!




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