Not dead yet

Oh hey, guys. I’m still here, just about. I’ve had drafts piling up here, but I’ve not got round to finishing them because I’m still ill. But here it is: a long-overdue update…

It’s overdue, because pneumonia’s eaten my free time. I’ve tried not to bang on about it, and push it to one side to get writing done and socialise, but I feel bad that there’s been radio silence for so long here and you guys deserve an explanation. Also, when you finally get an X-ray that should take a week for the results and your doctor phones you the day after, long after the surgery’s shut, you know it’s bad news. Bad news that looks a little bit like this:


Pretty sure the white gloopy bit shouldn’t be there.


Turns out half of my left lung is ‘a bit sticky’, to quote the doctor. Which means one of the lobes ain’t working well, which is why I’m pale and purple-lipped and my breath rattles and bubbles all the time. When you tell people this, you might as well have signed your last will and testament – everyone from my parents to the osteopath has replied with ‘BUT YOU CAN DIE FROM PNEUMONIA’. This, of course, does wonders for my recovery.




The TL;DR is I’ve been stuffed with antibiotics that knocked me sideways, so I’ve not been able to do all the things. The upside is I took a step back and realised where I was overdoing it. And I managed to achieve some stuff, so to stop this post being all misery, here we go…

I’ve caught up with my TBR pile!

I haven’t devoured so many books as when I was in a pillow pile in bed. Things I enjoyed muchly: Noughts and Crosses, The Outsiders, Orangeboy, Nasty Women, Tallulah and the Teenstars, the Night Rise graphic novel. Things I was meh about: Paper Towns, Frozen Charlotte, I Was Here, The One Memory of Flora Banks. I’m now reading The Island and The Sin Eater’s Daughter. Yay, books.



I’ve started a new project!

It’s Camp NaNoWriMo month, so while I edit Banshee YA, I thought I’d up the wordcount on my latest thing, working title Beats Working For A Living. There, er, aren’t many words on it yet, but I’ve had lots of fun researching, listening to Oi! music and reading academic papers citing Garry Bushell (yeah, I know). It’s probably going to scratch my usual class itch too, which is good. (Don’t worry, urban fantasy fans – I promise I’m only briefly stopping in real actual fiction with no kelpies or banshees in it…)

I’m still YA’s biggest Eurovision fan!

February brought the bulk of the Eurovision national finals, which always cheer the soul and utterly destroy my Twitter feed. And last weekend, I limped down south to the London Eurovision Party, where I met people from Twitter, drank awful wine and consumptively danced mere feet away from Radio 1’s Scott Mills. And this gentleman, who at 17 is a shoo-in for my next novel series. LOOK AT HIS LITTLE ANGSTY FACE.



I got my stories into another bookshop!

I may already have mentioned this one, but still. Buy my book. Buy my book. BUY MY BOOK.

I’m still angry about arts accessibility!

You’d think writing about it several times would fix things, but nooo. I’ve now started a Tab of Shame on my submissions spreadsheet for places which charge fees, ask for work for free, or other shoddy practices. Today’s culprit as tweeted earlier is BBC Get Creative, kicking off this weekend, with a spectacularly confusing way of widening access to the arts:

(Maybe I should have an Oh Mate award of the week, for boneheaded literary faux-pas. What do you think, guys?)

And now I’m going to dive back into the editing pile and hope I can be well enough to post something else very soon…


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