Broody BFF

It’s been a week of refreshing inboxes, waiting to hear back on some novel queries, but there was one email that made me even happier than a ‘we’d like to see the full manuscript’ would: a message from Brooding YA Hero.

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last while, Brooding YA Hero is, quite possibly, the best Twitter account that exists. He’s every trope you’ve read (and written). He’s the owner of some startlingly adjectival, emerald/cerulean gemstone eyes. He cries a single, crystalline tear when you cut out all of your adverbs. Here’s an idea of the sort of stuff he posts.



OI, SON, MY FIRST DRAFTS RESEMBLE THAT REMARK. Anyway, Broody was on the lookout for BFFs to be part of his book promotion street team, so as a YA reader and author, naturally I applied. When I saw that I’d been chosen, I had to let out the breath I didn’t know I was holding, then faint.



So, what to expect from this most exclusive club? From May until November, there will be a bunch of Twitter chats and blog challenges. (This might also be the impetus I need to use my newish Pinterest more, and finally sign up to Instagram. Who knows?) I’m planning to take part in as many events as I can in the hope of winning a prize. Maybe it’ll be a note from Broody himself. I might clumsily trip up when I read it, spilling my coffee everywhere, and need him to hold me in his strong, strong arms.


Is it time for a Matt Dillon GIF? WHY YES, IT IS.


So, while you wait for the publication of book of the year, Brooding YA Hero’s Guide To Achieving Main Character Status, why not get to know the other BFFs on Twitter? And with that, I have to go. I’m drafting a new chapter, and I don’t think my own main character’s knitted his eyebrows together or bit his lip enough. Maybe I should just make a mood board of Brooding YA Hero on Pinterest instead. That’s almost like writing, right?




2 thoughts on “Broody BFF

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  2. I’m one of the Broody BFFs too, but I’ve been awful at keeping up with challenges so far. Obviously that is because I get distracted by Broody’s dashing face every time I look at Twitter, and not because I am chronically unorganised. Obviously.

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