#BroodyBFF: LGBTQ Reads

It’s the third Broody BFF challenge already? Time flies when you’re frantically ploughing through edits on your banshee-based YA caper. As it’s Pride month, it’s all about LGBTQ reads…


I must confess that I’m shamefully under-read in LGBTQ fiction. In fact, of all the YA I’ve read over the last three years, precisely two of them don’t involve a cast of all-straight characters, and both of those are by Patrick Ness.

Now, Release was fantastic, and I chomped through the story in a couple of days. The sheer heartbreak of Patrick’s autobiographical tale of Adam, a boy growing up gay in a conservative, Christian family, just broke my heart. And while I’m not familiar with Mrs Dalloway on which it’s based, I like the compact form of the whole thing taking place on a single day. There’s such a beautiful, lyrical flow to Patrick’s prose, especially in the (at times confusing) magical realism sections. Basically, go forth and read this book – you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks to the Twitter YA community and the timesink that is Goodreads, I’ve also started building up a wishlist of diverse reads for the summer, especially books with bi representation. The Gentleman’s Guide To Vice And Virtue is high up on the list, because who doesn’t want a Victorian swashbuckling romp starring a bisexual gentleman? (Feel free to recommend a pile more, because it’s not like my to-read pile isn’t high enough šŸ˜‰ )

And on that note, back to editing a novel with a bi main character…


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