#BroodyBFF: Sequels

Oh, hello again. It’s time for another #BroodyBFF post (and gee, I hope you like these, because they’ll be popping up until November…). Today’s theme: sequels. What book needs one? What sequel is better than the first book? Read on and find out (but bear in mind there’s some *spoilers*)…

There’s a whole stack of books on my YA/MG shelf that need sequels so badly. Like, tons. So here’s just a few of the ones I’d like to see…

Buffalo Soldier, Tanya Landman. I really want to know how Charley and Jim get on after they join Buffalo Bill’s show, and what happens to their child. (I sense a badass spinoff adventure in the making…)

Oblivion, Anthony Horowitz. Possibly the only book I own in the Power of Five series which I regret not buying in ebook form (it’s MASSIVE). I love-hated Lohan as a dubiously loyal supporting character, and want to know what happens if and when he returns home after the final battle. Also, I secretly want a Pedro spinoff because he’s ADORABLE. And maybe something with Jamie, after poor Scott’s death. I’m still raw about that, to be honest. I had an ugly cry at 3am once I’d finished the book.




Orangeboy, Patrice Lawrence. I need more tales of Marlon, because I loved this book so hard you cannot believe. We must have more novels with working-class representation! And Tish! I must have more sassy Tish!

Deep Water, Lu Hersey. There has to be a sequel to this, mainly because I need more Cornish selkie-based fiction in my life. Please, make this happen. 


As for ‘sequels better than the original’, I’d have to say I enjoyed Knife Edge more than Noughts And Crosses in Malorie Blackman’s dystopian series. While the story of Callum joining the Liberation Militia is thrilling, Jude’s almost-but-not-quite redemption ripped my heart out and made me want to put the book in the freezer because of that scene with Cara. Fun fact: I took this book to the hairdresser, got to that scene, and had to close it because my stylist was reading over my shoulder, and I didn’t want to explain that I was both disturbed and relieved that one of my characters was quite similar…

Them: I’ll just kill this person, this will help me.

Narrator: it ruined everything



Oh, and finally, here’s a tiny reminder that you can find Broody’s book on Goodreads here, so get on it!

Coming up in the next post, I have a small promotional message, so keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for a summer bargain. Oh yes.


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