#BroodyBFF: Soundtracks

It’s almost as if this challenge was made for me, eh? Today in the #BroodyBFF challenge, we’re talking about music: what songs remind me of YA books, books with music in them, and writing soundtracks. I’ve already talked about music and writing here, but basically I could talk about it until the YA apocalypse so here goes nothing…

I like when music weaves its way through a book meaningfully, and most recently Orangeboy has done this pretty damn well. Marlon’s prized record collection provides the ideal soundtrack to his struggle with local gangs. Plus, I get instantly earwormed with things like the Jacksons, which is no bad thing. I also just finished Becoming Betty by Eleanor Wood, which is stuffed full of future Youtube playlists, amazing lady bassists and general rock goodness. Anything that makes me pick up my bass again after a long hiatus is a Good Thing.


A good excuse for my favourite bassist ❤


Thinking about songs that remind me of YA novels next up, Taylor Swift is always a classic. It kind of reminds me of Dally and Cherry in The Outsiders, and their cinema flirting. (Oh, how I wish they’d got together if there hadn’t been That Tragic Ending…)



Oh, and I’d be curious to know what everyone else’s writing soundtracks are. I have playlists for each book: the first one‘s an unholy mix of goth, punk and synth, the current one (codename #BansheeYA) is full of 90s and misery, and my other work-in-progress (which has sat unloved for a while) is possibly the first and last time you’ll ever see Oi! songs in my playlists. I’ve got Spotify well-trained to hurl 80s music at me, and when lyrics distract me there’s always synthwave. I highly recommend it. It’s like being in the most exciting, Tron-like universe.



The bonus challenge this week was to make a Brooding YA Hero playlist fitting for an angsty, troublesome main character, so here it is. The more astute of you may notice that there’s a hell of a lot of 80s tracks in there, because basically my writing life revolves around wishing a radioactive John Hughes bit me and turned me into someone who could write something as perfect as The Breakfast Club. We live in hope.

Until next time, pals…



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