2017 in review: the best nine

Oh no, that bloody Christmas thing is sneaking up on us again, isn’t it? Looks like it’s time for a long-overdue roundup of what I’ve been doing this year. I’ve decided to pinch an idea from Instagram and do my #bestnine of the year. And what a bunch of highlights – hold onto your hats…


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2017 Resolutions

Well, that was 2016. Not the best year all round for current affairs and celeb deaths, eh? On balance, though, it’s been a good year for my writing, so here’s my annual State of the Laura for your delectation. Stick on the live top 250 Eurovision tracks, grab some bubbly, and read on…

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Blogmas, Day 24: Festive wishes

Well, this is it. Muppet Christmas Carol’s been watched, the turkey’s been prepared, half the bottle of sherry is drunk, so it’s time to kick back and relax. No, really. I’ve not written a word of prose today. So on that note, a festive photo post vaguely inspired by the prompt on describing your writing space…

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Kelpies, umbrellas and bridges, oh my!

You’d think I’d have slowed down after the chaos of August, but the shameless publicity machine never sleeps. Well, except for when I’m juggling two novel edits, three NaNoWriMo ideas and three short stories. Maybe one day I’ll take time off. Anyway, today I have news about real actual books that you can buy, and some free fiction you can read right now…

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Finding home

In less than a month, I read my story at the Book Festival, so I thought I’d write a little bit about myself. That little bit grew into something longer and angstier, and was inspired by a couple of other Story Shop writers opening up about identity, belonging and comfort zones. So, here goes my attempt. Warning: contains Pokemon GIFs.

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In which I actually talk about writing instead of Eurovision

I’m back from Stockholm, with a much lighter wallet, kilos of Eurovision tat and precisely zero writing done. But I have some writing news to tide you all over, plus there was the fact that the Baltic trio of entrants were all basically Brooding YA Hero templates, which gives me a nice excuse to start with Latvia’s entry Justs Sirmais and get his beautiful face out of my system.


That floppy hair means he's surely a main character.

That floppy hair means he’s surely a main character.

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