Umbrellas of Edinburgh, redux

Last night, I read my story A Beltane Prayer at the University of Edinburgh, as part of the latest fab event since the Umbrellas of Edinburgh anthology launched last autumn. What with having never read this story aloud before and not having done a public reading since October, I was more than a bit nervous.

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Hooves Above The Waves: Out Now!

It’s been exactly a week since I read my little story of kelpies and gruff old men at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. So I felt this would be a good time to put out a few stories for your reading pleasure, and after Wednesday’s announcement… they’re here!

Hooves Above The Waves is available on Amazon and will shortly be available as a physical book from CreateSpace (after a surprisingly large number of you asked nicely for a real proper booky thing). It’ll be coming to other ebook providers from 1st December, just in time for Christmas. Why not buy some dark tales of murderous beasties for your loved ones? An ideal gift, in my not-so-humble opinion, and a little sample of the sort of thing I love to write.

Thanks to everyone who’s been plugging it already, especially my lovely employers who’ve made a pleasing wee dent in my sales graph wotsit. If you like what you read, let me know! And watch this space for more short fiction, and whatever may come of trying to get my novels into the world. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have fictional creatures to herd. Sleep is for October. *fires up Scrivener, cracks knuckles*





So, I heard you like short stories…

…and it’s your lucky day. The Edinburgh International Book Festival might have finished, but I haven’t shoved the kelpies back in the stable yet. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you all about my fantastic Story Shop appearance in the next post, but right now I have a little something for you…

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Finding home

In less than a month, I read my story at the Book Festival, so I thought I’d write a little bit about myself. That little bit grew into something longer and angstier, and was inspired by a couple of other Story Shop writers opening up about identity, belonging and comfort zones. So, here goes my attempt. Warning: contains Pokemon GIFs.

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Impostor syndrome, or ‘no, you really ARE a writer’

This blog needs the dust blown off it, eh? I’ve been a bit swamped with work and editing, plus this week’s been a strange mix of VIP events I managed to get into, from the Science Festival launch to a book launch featuring several Floris authors. And when I went to the latter, I was struck with the thing all writers dread: impostor syndrome.

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