Blogmas, Day 14: Soundtracks

I’ve got so caught up in editing today, that I’ve forgotten about everything else I was going to do. Seriously, roll on Christmas, when I promise you I’ll just sit around watching Muppet Christmas Carol and hoovering up sherry. And so to today’s topic…

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Retro Corner 9: Actual Young Adult Fiction Edition

Typing this through the hazy wreckage of my second migraine this month, so any spelinz and gramer errors are wholly neurological.

I’ve nearly finished clearing out a bunch of papers from school and uni, and I stumbled on my early creative writing efforts. Since I’m doing a spot of professional editing at the moment, I thought it might be fun to turn a critical eye on my own words. Also, you can all laugh at them.

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The young adults are taking over the interwebs

Twitter informs me that it’s #UKYADay today. What with #ukyachat and a whole bunch of other hashtags, it makes me right happy that YA is getting more of the spotlight. So what better timing to ramble more about my own adventures in the genre and slip in some shameless self-promotion?

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Just an average writing week, then

Oof. It’s been a while hasn’t it? I’ve been a bit busy, scampering to networking events, drinking too much and fretting about whether I’ll ever be published. Plus ça change. I’ve done a day in the life post before, but that was just before querying kicked in in earnest. Now the novel’s in much better shape, everything’s gone up a notch from ‘fevered scribbling’ to ‘frantic editing’, and free time is just a distant memory. So, in an attempt to shift writer’s block, here’s a chunk of my ‘average’ week, in which I have too much to do and should be kept away from wine and technology. Continue reading