It’s the most wonderful time of the year – again

Well, would you look at that. May is nearly upon us (in the month sense, not the ‘grinning harbinger of political doom’ one), and that means only one thing: Eurovision. Wait, don’t run away! Let me try and persuade you to appreciate Europe’s premier cheesefest a bit more…

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In which I actually talk about writing instead of Eurovision

I’m back from Stockholm, with a much lighter wallet, kilos of Eurovision tat and precisely zero writing done. But I have some writing news to tide you all over, plus there was the fact that the Baltic trio of entrants were all basically Brooding YA Hero templates, which gives me a nice excuse to start with Latvia’s entry Justs Sirmais and get his beautiful face out of my system.


That floppy hair means he's surely a main character.

That floppy hair means he’s surely a main character.

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