Eurovision 2017: the big review

The Eurovision decorations are up, the alcohol’s stockpiled, and Twitter’s prepped for meltdown. So, like years gone by, here’s my (vaguely YA-themed) thoughts on the class of 2017. I wouldn’t bet based on this, but if you happen to win a fortune, feel free to give me a cut of the cash.

Brace yourselves for a cheese torrent – I promise normal blog service will be resumed in a few days with my first #BroodyBFF challenge. (You might want to mute my Twitter until Sunday if you hate Eurovision, though…)

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year – again

Well, would you look at that. May is nearly upon us (in the month sense, not the ‘grinning harbinger of political doom’ one), and that means only one thing: Eurovision. Wait, don’t run away! Let me try and persuade you to appreciate Europe’s premier cheesefest a bit more…

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Blogmas, Day 18: Actual relaxation

Another day with two Blogmas posts, because I spent Sunday scampering round to festive shindigs: a carol service at a local church, and a traditional early Christmas dinner at a friend’s. The way this year has been, though, I’m grateful to pause and munch a few mince pies while gamely trying to sing the descant of Hark The Herald Angels Sing, despite the choir using a completely different descant to the one you learned at school. Awkward John Redwood moments all round.




There’ll be another Blogmas along later tonight, but until then a reminder that the #freelancexmasparty is this Friday at the new time of 3pm onwards. I even have more entertainment in the form of an early present, one of those crap 200-in-one games gadgets with badly spelled titles. Literally minutes of fun…

Blogmas, Day 10: The hangover

Er, yes. This should’ve gone out yesterday, as eagle-eyed readers may spot, but I was at an abandoned biscuit factory, eating street food and drinking punch while a DJ played some banging 80s tunes, then I played mini-golf and darts for the first time on the factory’s top floor, came back to drunk-tweet, and fell asleep watching Armenia’s Eurovision qualifiers, waking up in the middle of a Tchaikovsky concert.

As you do.



Now that I’m feeling more human, though, I’ve got edits to get on with, and some Christmassy fiction which I put to a Twitter poll. Half of you wanted rogue fairies, and half wanted festive kelpies. Any more suggestions before I fire up Scrivener and ruin literature some more? Stay tuned for some fictional goodness here later today… ❤


Blogmas, Day 1/2: NaNoWriMo postmortem

Well, what do you know, it’s December already. To celebrate, I’m currently being too busy to start Blogmas on time! Hurray! To make up for it, a double-bill today, on just how NaNoWriMo went down, and courtesy of this post the answer to ‘what show from your childhood would you love to bring back?’ Grab a mulled wine and read on…

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Gone wandering

It’s been a helluva year, what with the whole Book Festival shenanigans, more publishing credits, scurrying to literary events and generally running my brain down a bit too much. So, I decided a last-minute holiday was in order. And that’s why I’m buggering off to Barcelona tomorrow for a long weekend.

Yes, you’ve kind of guessed the incoming earworm.



I’m not doing any NaNoWriMo while I’m away, but I will take my trusty notebook and my phone if staring at the Sagrada Familia inspires me. I’ll also be attempting to get by in a place that mostly speaks Catalan, where I’m armed only with the Latin American Spanish I used last autumn in Peru, having not used Peninsular Spanish for a decade. Ah well, I have Duolingo. What could possibly go wrong?


Sure that'll be really useful, cheers.

Sure that’ll be really useful, cheers.


Whatever happens, I’ll be back early next week to make a sad last-ditch attempt on the NaNoWriMo rebel project, and see what short fiction I can come up with for the lovely folks at Shift Magazine, the wonderful Edinburgh spoken word event Interrobang (brought to you by one of the Story Shop team!), and The List’s Hot 100 entrants 404 Ink. Cor, there’s so much literary talent in my hometown right now, eh?

And that’s not all, kiddos. I’ve decided to try posting here a wee bit more, so I’m going to try ‘Blogmas’ next month: a post a day on, well, all manner of things. I’m taking some ideas from here initially, but any suggestions for things you’d like me to talk about are most welcome! And on that note, I should probably finish packing. Fins dilluns, amics! ❤


Me, for the next 3 days.

Me, for the next 3 days.