Eurovision 2017: the big review

The Eurovision decorations are up, the alcohol’s stockpiled, and Twitter’s prepped for meltdown. So, like years gone by, here’s my (vaguely YA-themed) thoughts on the class of 2017. I wouldn’t bet based on this, but if you happen to win a fortune, feel free to give me a cut of the cash.

Brace yourselves for a cheese torrent – I promise normal blog service will be resumed in a few days with my first #BroodyBFF challenge. (You might want to mute my Twitter until Sunday if you hate Eurovision, though…)

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year – again

Well, would you look at that. May is nearly upon us (in the month sense, not the ‘grinning harbinger of political doom’ one), and that means only one thing: Eurovision. Wait, don’t run away! Let me try and persuade you to appreciate Europe’s premier cheesefest a bit more…

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Not dead yet

Oh hey, guys. I’m still here, just about. I’ve had drafts piling up here, but I’ve not got round to finishing them because I’m still ill. But here it is: a long-overdue update…

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2017 Resolutions

Well, that was 2016. Not the best year all round for current affairs and celeb deaths, eh? On balance, though, it’s been a good year for my writing, so here’s my annual State of the Laura for your delectation. Stick on the live top 250 Eurovision tracks, grab some bubbly, and read on…

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Välkommen till Sveriges, or ‘oh god it’s Eurovision again’

Time’s flown by, and we’re less than a week away from the first semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest. As regular readers know, I’ve worked my way up to being something of a superfan, so much so that I’ll actually be in Stockholm next week, in the audience for semifinal 2. Which is going to be så spännande. (Ja, jag har lärt mig några svenska.)

The only Swedish you’ll need. Maybe.


Round this time of year I like to bore the pants off everyone with my thoughts on the entries. Which are almost as exciting as this year’s contest dramas. Anyway, behold a roundup of the countries in the first semifinal, in lieu of writing chat. ENJOY.

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