2017 in review: the best nine

Oh no, that bloody Christmas thing is sneaking up on us again, isn’t it? Looks like it’s time for a long-overdue roundup of what I’ve been doing this year. I’ve decided to pinch an idea from Instagram and do my #bestnine of the year. And what a bunch of highlights – hold onto your hats…


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Gone conferencing

Oh hey there, pals. I hope your NaNoWriMos are going swimmingly in the last stretch. Mine most certainly took a detour, but then again, I rebelled and edited an existing book. And did All The Things, like I always say I won’t. And now… *drumroll* I’m in Winchester for the annual SCBWI Conference! There will be networking. There will be inspirational keynote speeches. There will be a fancy dress shindig. There will, not unrelatedly, be a phenomenal amount of drinking, because writers.


Exclusive shots from this year’s costume ball. Maybe.


I’m quite excited about this. I angsted over whether to book it, but it’s proven so beneficial to my writer pals’ professional development that I took the plunge. I’ve booked a 1-to-1 with an agent to discuss #BansheeYA’s first chapter, plus a critique group to look over something else I’m revising (and SCBWI writers are the BEST when it comes to constructive, friendly feedback). And tomorrow afternoon… well, I’m not allowed to tell you, but let’s just say I might be in need of a stiff drink or three at the ball.

Anyway, must dash and have my finest cheapass breakfast of free hotel coffee, Percy Pigs and Berocca before the Fringe events today. Look, don’t judge my food choices. I had a hellish 9-hour drive yesterday through blizzards, pissing rain, and around crap fellow motorists. I’m very much looking forward to wearing a house on my head on Saturday night. No, I’m not even going to explain the outfit. Wait until the scandalous pics on social media. (Or, if you’re at the conference, come say hi. I don’t bite, honest.) See you on the other site, chums!


2017 Resolutions

Well, that was 2016. Not the best year all round for current affairs and celeb deaths, eh? On balance, though, it’s been a good year for my writing, so here’s my annual State of the Laura for your delectation. Stick on the live top 250 Eurovision tracks, grab some bubbly, and read on…

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Blogmas, Day 3: Writing Wishes

It’s officially Christmas in our house now, not just because the tree’s here and we’ve bought the supermarket’s entire supply of mulled wine – we’ve had the first play of Fairytale of New York and that other, er, “classic”, Stay Another Day. The 90s has a lot to answer for.

Today’s Blogmas question is ‘If a genie could grant you 3 writing wishes, what would they be?’

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