Broody BFF

It’s been a week of refreshing inboxes, waiting to hear back on some novel queries, but there was one email that made me even happier than a ‘we’d like to see the full manuscript’ would: a message from Brooding YA Hero.

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Blogmas, Day 7: The placeholder post

Well, I was doing amazingly well with Blogmas and then I spent another day juggling two full-time freelance jobs, so my brain exploded to the point where I could only cope with bingeing on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Christmas pudding ice cream. SORRY, GUYS.

Oh, but I did manage to get to Twitter in time for SF Said answering writing questions on #ukmgchat, and it’s well worth catching up – some real inspirational gems there, and I found out he listens to The Cure while writing. I do love a good 80s novel playlist, so I do.

Tomorrow, I may well have some tiny good news to share, but I can’t say anything until it’s all a done deal. Oooh. *is mysterious*


Interview: Tattooed Mummy

I’m finally back from the epic South American trip, and completely shattered after a day’s travelling. Soon I’ll bore you all to tears with pre-Incan pottery, new story ideas and the story I promised Twitter followers about the Accidental Partridge Bolivian bar. For now, you can have last week’s Wordy Wednesday, a regular feature on prolific (and awesome) tweeter Tattooed Mummy’s blog. It features yours truly, y’see. Have a look here. I accept full responsibility for my controversial biscuit choices.

The young adults are taking over the interwebs

Twitter informs me that it’s #UKYADay today. What with #ukyachat and a whole bunch of other hashtags, it makes me right happy that YA is getting more of the spotlight. So what better timing to ramble more about my own adventures in the genre and slip in some shameless self-promotion?

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