Buy My Book 2: Book Harder

I’ve got some good news for you if you’re the sort of person who likes to go into actual physical shops and buy books. Oh yes. *drumroll*

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Umbrellas of Edinburgh, redux

Last night, I read my story A Beltane Prayer at the University of Edinburgh, as part of the latest fab event since the Umbrellas of Edinburgh anthology launched last autumn. What with having never read this story aloud before and not having done a public reading since October, I was more than a bit nervous.

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2017 Resolutions

Well, that was 2016. Not the best year all round for current affairs and celeb deaths, eh? On balance, though, it’s been a good year for my writing, so here’s my annual State of the Laura for your delectation. Stick on the live top 250 Eurovision tracks, grab some bubbly, and read on…

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Blogmas, Day 24: Festive wishes

Well, this is it. Muppet Christmas Carol’s been watched, the turkey’s been prepared, half the bottle of sherry is drunk, so it’s time to kick back and relax. No, really. I’ve not written a word of prose today. So on that note, a festive photo post vaguely inspired by the prompt on describing your writing space…

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Blogmas, Day 23: Appreciation

Since I’ve been spending all afternoon entertaining the Twitterati on the #freelancexmasparty and consuming a great deal of mulled wine, a swift update for your Christmas Eve Eve, but one that is super-grateful for all the writing community that’s supported me this year. It’s been a funny 2016, but mostly one where I feel I’ve found my place as a writer. And that’s thanks to you lovely lot. You’re the BEST.

You might like to know that the Umbrellas of Edinburgh anthology has had a lovely review here and it specifically mentions me as one of the standout prose pieces. Honestly, I’m BLUSHING here. Here’s hoping 2017 brings more writing success!

No, thank YOU.

No, thank YOU.


Tomorrow is the last Blogmas, unless I’m somehow lucid enough to blog on Christmas Day itself, in which case you’re likely to get either some festive paranormal romance, or a YA-themed rhyme, depending on how much sherry I’ve had. BE WARNED.


I’m not dead, just plotting

It turns out I forgot autumn doesn’t just bring a flurry of story submissions and queries; it also brings plague and pestilence. If I’ve been quieter online or not out at events, it’s because I’m currently in bed looking like a pale consumptive Victorian. So, to make up for my radio silence, another plug for the Umbrellas of Edinburgh anthology! You have not one, not two, but three chances to come snag a copy and hear readings. The Scottish Poetry Library will host us on the 3rd of November with wine and nibbles, and there’s a FB event page here. Then Blackwell’s will host us on the 15th from 6:30, and again as part of ‘Edinburgh: A City of Readers’. No excuses, then. You can find out more about the anthology on its dedicated website. Spiffy!


So shiny ❤

Come along, bag a copy, and as an added bonus, I’ll be carrying some newly delivered paperbacks of Hooves Above The Waves, so you can find £4 in the change from buying Umbrellas to grab yourself some short stories too. Hurray! And if you want to see my shiny proof copy, come along to the City of Literature Salon from 6pm tonight at Wash Bar, and offer me a medicinal beer. I have free postcards and everything. Oh yes.



Kelpies, umbrellas and bridges, oh my!

You’d think I’d have slowed down after the chaos of August, but the shameless publicity machine never sleeps. Well, except for when I’m juggling two novel edits, three NaNoWriMo ideas and three short stories. Maybe one day I’ll take time off. Anyway, today I have news about real actual books that you can buy, and some free fiction you can read right now…

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